Custom embroidery shop located in Rosemount, MN.  We specialize in hats, t-shirts, hoodies, towels, and more.  Contact us for any custom embroidery needs that you have.

  • Custom embroidery on company uniforms can make your brand look more sophisticated, secure, and established, and uniforms act as excellent advertising tools for all businesses.
    • Embroidery has a longer life span than other branding methods, such as screen printing. This durability makes embroidery the perfect choice for uniforms in any industry.

Give the personalized gift of embroidery! No job is too small or too big!

General tips for best embroidery results:

  1. All custom embroidery text should be a minimum of 3/16″ tall to look OK and ¼” to look great! The width of the stitch should be a minimum of 1/16″
  2. Outlined text should be a minimum of ½” tall.
  3. Large areas of fill should be avoided on lightweight garments
  4. Shadows and blending are challenging to reproduce with embroidery but can be done very well in larger fill areas.

Tips for embroidering on clothing:

  1. For pique and most open knits ¼” text is recommended. Bigger is always better.
  2. The standard size for a left chest design is 2-1/2″ – 4″ wide x 1″ – 2″ tall. For larger-size logos, the sleeve or back yoke is recommended. You can go as large as 5″ wide x 3″ tall on the sleeve on a larger garment, but we recommend 3″ wide and no wider than 3.5″. You always want to consider the smallest product in the order when determining custom embroidery size. Cuff embroidery may work on a large men’s shirt, but when you get down to a women’s small, it may not work.
  3. Striped shirts need to be high quality. Adding embroidery to a shirt manufactured with crooked lines will make the defect even more noticeable. This is also true of pocketed shirts, where the pocket has been sewn on crooked.

Tips for embroidering on hats:

  1. Text should be a minimum of ¼” tall.
  2. Very small text may sink into the seam on the front of a cap.
  3. Max size for the front of a cap is 4″ wide x 2-1/4″ tall.
  4. Low-quality caps embroider poorly as they are not made from consistent components.
  5. NOTE: Final max sizing depends on the style/size of the cap.

Below you will find some general pricing guidelines that we utilize, final project costs will vary.

Price for embroidering designs

$1.50 per 1000 Stitches + Digitizing.  Simple designs can be digitized for free. No Hooping charge.

Price for embroidering names

Size of name
1-2″ $12 (+ $1 for each letter for names over 8 letters)
2-3″ $15 (+ $1.50 for each letter for names over 8 letters)
Larger than 3″ Contact us

Price for embroidering monograms

Size of monogram
2″ $9
3″ $12
4″ $15
5″ $18
6″ $24